Wwxx datcom

Wwxx datcom

The user can specify whether the Mach number and altitude varies together, the Mach number varies at a constant altitude, or the altitude varies at a constant Mach number.

Both subsonic and supersonic analysis can be run in Digital DATCOM.

There is inbuilt GSM/GPRS modem for communication with superior system. For this purpose device can be equipped by exchangeable serial communication module.

A maximum of 400 Mach-altitude combinations can be run at once, with up to 20 angles of attack for each combination.

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The United States Air Force Stability and Control Digital DATCOM is a computer program that implements the methods contained in the USAF Stability and Control DATCOM to calculate the static stability, control and dynamic derivative characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft.

Digital DATCOM requires an input file containing a geometric description of an aircraft, and outputs its corresponding dimensionless stability derivatives according to the specified flight conditions.

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Digital DATCOM also accepts wing planforms which change geometry along the span such as the F4 Phantom II which had 15 degrees of outboard dihedral. The canard must be specified as the forward lifting surface (i.e. For airfoil designations, most traditional NACA 4-, 5-, and 6- airfoils can be specified in Digital DATCOM.

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