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Now that we know what a FFB is, let’s get into the darker corners of the minds of these unique souls.Since you are here, I would argue that you are likely interested in changing your body composition for the better (or maybe you’re here for some lame humor? You are likely interested in looking great naked and thus being proud of what you have accomplished aesthetically.Once I got into athletics I turned into a husky boy and eventually graduated to a FFB.It was an interesting experience to say the least and I learned a lot from being the fat kid growing up.It’s because they have this innate fear of returning to their former fatty self.These are usually the guys who have worked really hard on a fat loss diet with lots of cardio for many months to drop a ton of weight.After the fourth week has passed he is up about 5-6lbs and he is bloated from an outing with friends the night before.He decided to drink a few beers and have some bar food high in sodium(responsible for the bloat).

My goal today is to reach out to all the FFB’s and offer some encouragement, hope and a swift kick in the ass.

They are so excited about losing the extra fluff and now want to build their physique but their own fear sabotages them from taking the necessary steps to achieve their lofty goals.

They first learn they must EAT MORE and GAIN WEIGHT to build muscle.

A FFB is what the name implies: someone who used to be fat or they could still be slightly on the chubby side (think of the big powerlifter who eats a bit too much).

This is not a blanket statement as there are always exceptions but in my experience many of the bigger, younger guys in the gym have a history of being a part of the FFB club.

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They are so scared of ballooning up that they end up spinning their wheels for months and years before seeing the light or just giving up altogether.

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