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And so, if the strangely accented, halting drawl comes across as a bit mannered in her evocation of JFK’s First Lady, rest assured that Portman will have worked tirelessly for this role, and what we’re seeing is the real deal. Principally, it doesn’t seek to tell the tale from the beginning – we learn nothing of how the socialite met her prince and established the house of Camelot.Instead, the film focuses on the days surrounding JFK’s assassination in Dallas, skipping between Jackie’s interview with a dispassionate reporter (a steely and terrific Billy Crudup) as she conjures up recollections of that dreadful day, and a depiction of the actual event and its immediate aftermath.Shot on 16mm film, every frame looks like archive footage from the period (excepting the small quibble that Portman is too beautiful to truly convince as the albeit stylish Jackie O), and several scenes are recreated shot for shot from clips you can view for yourself on You Tube.The production design of the White House and, of course, Jackie’s signature suits are spot-on, while her staffers (Greta Gerwig, Richard E.

This is not only disappointing (because there is nowadays so much sex in films and particularly on telly that you’re hard-pressed tries so desperately to portray the tortured emotional relationship of two attractive young people whose main (if not only) connection revolves around carnal knowledge and ankle-cuffs. Cue: , Scene 1: He reappears out of the ether and buys all the portraits of her at an art exhibition because: “I don’t like strangers gawking at you.” Fair enough. While Dornan is possibly the most earnestly banal actor in all of Hollywood, Johnson is actually pretty good, through genes (Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson) rather than any help from the script, which sounds like it was written by a dialogue-generating computer programme.” while you keep up with who’s fighting whom and why? As a bonus, the brilliantly choreographed set-pieces are soundtracked by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Mozart’s Requiem, a seminal fave of mine which is only slightly tarnished by filmmaking’s inevitable need to chop it to fit the action on screen.(Makes it harder to sing along.) If you can keep up with what’s happening in the plot – or even if you can’t – , took a break from Hollywood to complete a psychology degree at Harvard because she considers being smart more important than being famous.Similarly, the gunfight which halted the terrorists’ plans makes for a sensational scene worthy of any fictional Hollywood action movie, and all the more exciting because you know this one has (had) real stakes.Simmons, Goodman and Bacon play real people whose photos and interviews appear, with those of some survivors, just before the closing credits role – an effect which some viewers may feel re-injects the saccharine into an otherwise admirably matter-of-fact telling.

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Like I say, it was at times a little confusing, especially as the story moves so fast the subtitles often shoot off the screen before you’ve had a chance to read them (truly!

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